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I got several messages from people wanting to have my Blackout Haunted House review in a format they can reblog, which is very flattering. Thanks! Here you go!

First of all, let me apologize for what is going to be a very long entry… and say SPOILER ALERT to anyone who doesn’t want to know what goes on in Blackout. I think it’s over for the season though so hopefully I’m good.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Blackout Haunted House bills itself as the most hardcore, intense haunted house in the world. They employ a team of psychologists, ex-military spooks, and fear experts to build the scariest place they can imagine. You have to walk through alone, it’s in complete darkness, and the actors are allowed to touch you - even harm you! It’s sexual, violent, disturbing, etc. It is so intense that is has a safe word for the people who can’t handle it.

I went to it on Monday. For anyone who wants to go, it was a fantastic experience and worth the money. It just wasn’t scary for me, personally. I’ve taken to describing it as “a really creepy day spa”. Jump-out scares, like you get at a traditional Halloween maze, scare the bejeezus out of me. Psychological torture doesn’t phase me, apparently. I chalk it up to watching too many horror movies and running this Tumblr. You’re all to blame!!!!

That being said, it certainly scares the fuck out of some people. There were three huuuuuuuuuuuuuge dudes ahead of me in line. All 3 of them cried “safety” and were carried out in maybe the first 10 minutes - I saw them all go in then come right back out. My friend Rob, who did it on Saturday, refused to go again with me the following Monday. He said he had to sit in his car for 45 minutes after he got out because he was so scared. And one of the girls I was with, who is a huge horror fan, couldn’t stop screaming through the whole experience. Like a lot of horror, it’s only go to scare you if you are someone who is affected by what the have to offer. I think it’s something that would scare 90% of people. 

So here is what happened…

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Hellraiser fans! What’s your favorite part of Hellseeker and Hellworld? (I have a bet with my friend.)


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So me and a grip of epic people poured our hearts and souls into the new Steve Aoki album, NEON FUTURE. It’s just been released and we would be super stoked if you would buy it. Get it here. Spread the world - let’s smash #1!


Ready to celebrate my favorite holiday. #halloween

My epic halloween nails. Frankenstein’s Monster-approved!