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Came in to find this on my desk in my office this morning. It’s a papercraft puzzle box from Hellraiser.


“When angels are forced from the heavens, they become devils.”  - Vicious Cowboy Bebop

Artwork by: Shume Art

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We had out first Sabbat game in almost 6 months! It’s good to be back! I added some cool tweaks to my costume, including the scalemail pauldrons, and the sleevies. And of course rocking my trusty horns, tentacle-y hair, and face thorns!

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An update on the Deluxe and a personal message from Tim Bradstreet. Read the full text below or follow this link to see it on kickstarter:

Hello Backers,

Tim Bradstreet has a personal message to all of you about his health and an update on the state of the Deluxe, which several of you have asked about. We are pushing forward, with Tim’s help. Once the art is complete, we plan to go straight into printing and shipping so we can deliver it to those who pledged for it. We have two sneak peeks of rough drafts of Tim’s new art at the bottom of this update for you to check out. We will be showing you more of these pieces over the next few weeks so enjoy!

On a personal note, we want to say thank you for all the love you have shown Tim. Your kindness, patience and support are very important for him during this trying time. And to Tim, our good friend, everyone at By Night Studios appreciates you continuing to give this project your all even in the midst of a personal struggle. Our thoughts are with you.

Friends -

Prodigious thanks for the incredible support thus far! It’s been a chaotic and very difficult year but things are beginning to brighten.

Our friends at By Night Studios have been extremely patient with me (as have you all) as I’ve been working through some personal difficulties that I shared with you back in February. Unfortunately it’s not a thing you can just switch off and be better, as many of you know. It takes time, and I have appreciated your patience and kind messages of support.

You have no idea how much it means to me, personally, to have hit this difficult stretch in my life and receive the kind of understanding and support everyone has shown me. I’ll attribute that to good karma and building relationships the way it has to be done. With honor, trust, and dependability over the long haul.

We’re getting close: the powers that be are getting ready to show off some of the fruits of our labor. It’s taken a lot of time, but at each step I’ve been picking up steam and rekindling the passion. I don’t think there are too many scenarios that would afford me the kind of leeway I’ve received here and for that I am EXTREMELY thankful.

I know that you’re all waiting as patiently as you can for By Night Studios to complete the deluxe version of MET:VTM. PLEASE show them the same patience and support you’ve shown me. They are a passionate group of true believers who’s only goal here is to create the most incredible experience to date where these themes are concerned. And I’m talking CREME DE LA fucking CREME. Brothers and sisters of the night, stand by: we’re gonna shake the pillars of heaven.

Respectfully - Tim Bradstreet

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