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Anonymous Asked: Howdy! So I know you're not at all fond of the movie V/H/S, but I'm just curious if you ever decided to sit through the second one? I just watched them for the first time today and I kind of enjoyed the first movie. The second, however ... Lets just say my list of 'pros' isn't very long. Like, it's not really a list at all. I was just curious what you thought about it if you ever gave it a chance.

I didn’t sit through the second one, though it’s sitting in my queue. I have a huge ‘to watch’ list though so I doubt I’ll get around to it.

Anonymous Asked: I hope you have a good day, you wonderful being.

Thank you, Nice Anon!


Mike Adams

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A Vampire: the Masquerade-themed editorial cartoon in the style of Kelly, from The Onion.  It’s about the Anarch Revolt.

VtM doesn’t really have an equivalent to a crying Lady Liberty, so I just drew Caine, the supposed ‘original vampire,’ in her place.  And LaCroix, from the VtM video game, as the disgruntled artist.

In hindsight, I should have inked digitally, to get Kelly’s clean, not-sketchy lines.  Oh well!  Next time!

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976-EVIL ‘88 . imdb

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