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lilladygidget Asked: How do u get tickets for blackout?

Sign up for their email updates - they usually do events in LA and NYC (and now Chicago) in October. They also did a longer “off-season” event last year in May which was incredible.

Anonymous Asked: oh my god you just look like you'd be so much fun. hope your birthday was awesome!

LOL thank you so much. I had a really good time with a lot of people who love me, and that is awesome!

Anonymous Asked: How old do you need to be to go to blackout?

It is 18+ only. You need to be able to legally sign a consent waiver for yourself.

Photo of a real-life zombie?

Nope. But still interesting.

This is a photo of one of the ‘zombies of Toraja’. Toraja is small Indonesian village whose funeral practices include the belief that certain magical persons can make the dead walk again. This is considered a benefit as funerals are often expensive. There is often a lengthy gap between an individual’s death and their formal burial. They are often placed in a temporary grave. Once the proper funeral arrangements have been made, the corpse can be raised and made to walk to it’s final resting place.

This is a photo from the ritual, where a corpse has been posed before it’s “walk” to it’s new grave. A lot of people are sharing it (like this FearNet article) and claiming it’s proof of IRL zombies. It’s not. But it does show a very interesting and unique funeral practice. And that, to me, is more interesting than zombies.

Anonymous Asked: I didn't know you listened to welcome to night vale. What do you think of it?

I really like it. It’s well thought out - with little asides becoming reoccurring plot threads that slowly develop over the course of the show. The characters have become very realized and emotionally compelling, which is very hard to do considering most of them don’t speak for themselves. I think it’s brilliant.

Something else I really appreciate about it is that they treat Cecil’s sexuality as normal. They don’t unnecessarily highlight it, nor do they draw away from it. It’s just a part of who he is but not the sum total of the character. He talks about his loves with no hesitation and it’s an integral part of the show, without ever being caricatured or treated as weird. I think that is incredibly humane and forward-thinking.

If we ever want to live in an equitable society, getting to the point where we don’t treat being gay as “alien” - even if we are trying to be positive about it - is a step in the right direction. I feel strongly that acceptance doesn’t mean getting “normal” people to not harass the “other”. To me, true acceptance is the “other” becoming “normal”. Then the idea of discrimination based on sexuality isn’t even a thought that crosses anyone’s mind. Would you harass someone based on the fact that they breathe or blink? No - because that is normal. How each of us blinks is individual to us - just like our sexuality is individual to us. But it shouldn’t be any more “abnormal” than differences in blinking or breathing. I truly hope that we will get to this point, as a society. Nightvale shows that trend in action.

My sexuality, like my hair color or my career ambitions or my love of horror movies, is a part of me. But it does not wholly define me, nor am I wholly defined by it. As scary and weird as Nightvale may be, it is a place with a fundamental level of acceptance, where all of the fighting for equality we must do now is irrelevant because the acceptance has already happened. I’d trade my current reality for that, even with all of Nightvale’s monsters thrown in.

Anonymous Asked: Can you repost that link to the horror house you went to that you had to sign papers and everything please? :)

Anonymous Asked: Happy birthday! I hope you have fun!!!!

Thank you! I had a great time. I’ll post some pictures.